Watch this short tutorial on how to create credits for both weekend services and student ministries. Written instructions are included below, as well as the files needed to make credits.

Before watching, you'll need the following applications and resources.

  • Premiere Pro
  • Media Encoder
  • Song Credits Project (Attached)
  • Credits Background video (LLK In-room closing slide,  (On Production Share)

  • Clip Server Preset for your campus (On Production Share)

Creating Credits

  1. First, find your weekend credits either in PCO or from your CPM
  2. Open the corresponding credit timelines (export and loop)
  3. Insert the current weekend credits (hold option as you drag)
  4. Playback to make sure looks good
  5. Playback the export sequence, then set an outpoint
  6. CMD + M to export, change the file name to CREDITS, then QUEUE
  7. In media encoder, find your campus clip server preset, open the preset settings, reset the password, then hit OK.
  8. Drag and drop the preset onto the queued clip and press the play triangle
  9. Wait for your clip to export and upload.

To create a new credit

 1. Find the credit info.

 2. Duplicate an already existing credit

 3. Paste in the new info and size according to the safety boxes

 4. Close the box

 5. Done.

If the upload fails, you can FTP the file directly either using FileZilla or by using finder and connecting to the machine via a network share (CMD + K) then the IP address.