Eagle Brook uses an audio and video router in conjunction with a video switcher to control routing in various spaces, including auditoriums. In most cases, a router panel will be found at the System Tech desk, and in the engineering room if a separate space.

Why We Use This

A routing system is used to send sources that originate in the control room or auditorium to destinations in the auditorium, control room, lobby spaces, and other supported building locations. A router panel, or RCP, is the remote control that allows the System Tech to control the routing system by choosing sources that are sent to destinations around the building.

The Basics

Operating a router panel is intuitive for almost any user. When using this routing system, you will most commonly work with sources, destinations, and salvos. Routing sources to destinations is accomplished by first selecting the destination, then selecting the source, then selecting the ‘Take’ button to complete the action. If you need to route multiple things all at once, a salvo, or macro, is available in the ‘Salvos’ page to help you accomplish this task.

Technical Operation

The router panel at your campus has been configured to have a set of most commonly used destinations and sources on the home page, as well as a few common salvos that are needed in a pinch. On the home page, there is also a quick link to the salvos page to access the rest of the salvos.

Across all campuses, router panels have a similar color scheme to help you identify destinations and sources. In most cases, destinations are orange and sources are green. Salvos are yellow or a light shade of green.

On the left side of the panel, there is a set of buttons that will help you access all other sources and destinations in the router. To select your destination, press the “DEST” button in the left bank of buttons. Select the group, then the destination that you need to change. Press the flashing “TAKE” button to confirm the destination.

No routing changes have occurred until you select a source. Once you select the destination, you will be returned to the list of groups on the home page. Select the group that contains your desired source, then the source itself. Finally, press the flashing “TAKE” button to complete the route. If, at any time, you wish to cancel the routing operation, simply press the “CLEAR” button on the left side of the panel.

All router panels also have indication buttons that are non-interactive to display your currently selected destination and the source routed to it. This is in the upper right most button.

Router Panels are currently in use at the following all campuses, there are two varieties and functions may differ by location.